Fine art

Welcome to my creative world. . For several years now, I have worked on my own creation, which is based on precise planning. I work on an extensive project that deals with the history of art. Every historical period inspires me to a set of photographs.

How are my photos made?

There are a number of sketches for each photograph. It takes me several months to figure out what the final photograph will look like. This is followed by the own production of photo backgrounds and all properties. I also deal with bodypainting of each model.

The photo shows reality. . This is not desaturation on PC or photomontage, but real colors, objects and photo backgrounds that I make myself.

At the moment I have already processed historical periods: baroque (romanticism), antiquity and abstraction. The currently unfinished project deals with Fauvism and New Realism.

Series: Abstraction

Pure Art

In the set you will find a representation of famous artists who have significantly influenced this artistic direction. They are: Piet Mondrian, Kazimir Malevich, Carmen Herrera, Sonia Delaunay and Frantisek Kupka.