Terms and Conditions



Please arrange the date, time and type of photography/videography:
– by phone: 722 710 887
– by e-mail: fajmonovaz@gmail.com

Valid until mutually confirmed booking.
By confirming the e-mail (or other form of order confirmation) with the order, the client agrees to the terms and conditions, which are an integral part of the contract for photographic services/camera services.

Please also read privacy policy.



The package price is payable on the day of the shoot/shoot (unless otherwise stated in the photographer/cameraman services contract).
For payment by wire transfer, no photo previews or retouching is provided until the invoiced amount is credited to the account.

For wedding photography/shootings, a booking deposit equal to 30% of the total amount is charged (unless otherwise agreed by the parties). It is used to make a binding reservation for the wedding date. The deposit is non-refundable. Wedding photography/shooting includes a pre-wedding meeting and contract writing (unless otherwise agreed by the parties).


selection of photos and video footage for editing

Selection of photos/shots for editing
The selection of photographs is made by the photographer or the client himself by prior agreement from the previews treated with a watermark in low resolution (not valid for weddings – the selection of photographs and video footage is made only by the photographer).

The preview photos are intended solely for selection for subsequent retouching and editing. These are carried out by the photographer according to his/her own original style and feeling, for which the client chooses him/her (applies to both photo and video). Preview photos are in low resolution, watermarked and unedited. According to the Copyright Act no. 121/2000 Coll. is It is forbidden to edit or use the edited photographs and video footage in any way without the written consent of the photographer.

The previews of the photos are placed online in a web gallery with the possibility of marking the photos selected for editing.


Delivery time

The delivery time of the finished photos is 10-12 weeks from the time of shooting if the photos are selected by the photographer. In the case of a withdrawal by the client, from the date of sending the withdrawal. It is possible to pay extra for express delivery of photos within 2 working days (not valid for wedding photos).

During wedding season, the delivery time for photos/videos may be longer.

Wedding photographs/videos are delivered within 10-12 weeks, depending on the photographer’s workload the delivery time may be longer.
The delivery time for a music video is 10-12 weeks, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

You can collect your finished order in person or electronically via the Baggage Office.

In the event of illness and other operational difficulties, the delivery time is extended proportionately.



The operator provides only workshops and courses listed in the operator’s offer on the website www.fotofa.cz. These are held under the guidance of a lecturer.

1. The Operator is entitled, with the Customer’s consent, to cancel the workshop or course at any time, in particular in the following cases:

A) the lecturer is unable to provide the workshop or course due to incapacity or other serious reason. Kother serious obstacles (e.g. force majeure) will prevent the workshop or course from taking place.

In this case, the customer is entitled to choose a new date at the proposal of the operator.

2. If the customer fails to attend the workshop, the operator is entitled to apply the cancellation fee to the course fee paid by the customer.

After cancellation of an already enrolled workshop, the cancellation fee is 0% of the course price within 20 days or more of the course, seminar or workshop. Between 20 days and 14 days before the start of the workshop the cancellation fee is 50% of the course price, 14 days to 7 days the cancellation fee is 75% of the course price. Less than 7 days before the start of the course, the cancellation fee is 100% of the course price.



Transport in Liberec is free, outside Liberec I charge 10Kč/km. The parking fee is not included in the price. Photographs and videos are transmitted in digital form. By agreement, it is also possible to order printed photographs in a gift pack (if they are not already included in the package).

Each additional hour beyond the wedding package – 1.900 CZK.

Pre-wedding/wedding photo shoots can be donated in the form of a giftcertificate.

In case of interest, it is possible to pay extra for engraving or a gift box made of other material.

Photos are usually printed on premium paper in minimum A4 size, luxury wedding packages include printed photos in exhibition format 30×45 on exclusive 100% cotton paper.


Photo retouching/video editing

Basic editing of portrait photographs includes cropping, basic skin retouching, shadow and light adjustments. For more complex retouching it is possible to pay extra according to individual pricing (e.g. adjustment of proportions, extra skin smoothing, etc. according to agreement). The price of basic retouching is included in the price of the selected package.

Advertising retouching is individually priced, the price for 1 photo starts at 1.500 CZK. The price depends on the complexity of the modifications and the project. Additional modifications are priced individually, min. 500 CZK for each photo.

Video editing includes editing, colorgrading, selection of suitable audio track – spoken word, selection of suitable background music (the cameraman selects only original songs from the subscription audio library).

Photo retouching/video editing (wedding, portrait) is done according to the artistic sense of the photographer/camera for which the client chooses. Editing is part of the photographer’s/cameraman’s personal style, for which the client chooses. The final appearance of the photographs or video is therefore not modified according to the client’s subsequent wishes (unless otherwise agreed before ordering the services of the photographer/camera operator).



Data backup and usage

The resulting photographs/video clips are for personal use only, unless otherwise stated in the contract. All publication in magazines and other media must be announced in advance.

All photographs/video footage are the property of the photographer and the client is not authorized to use them for commercial purposes or sale to a third party without written permission from the photographer. Commercial shoots/shoots must be reported in advance.

The photographer/cameraman has the right (after approval by the client) to use the photographs/videos for his/her own business purposes (website, articles, promotional materials, advertising, exhibition activities, social networks, etc.), unless otherwise stated in the contract.

Finished photos/videos are backed up 1 week after the photos/videos are submitted. Then they are deleted. The client is advised to back up the data to multiple locations and repositories.

The client has their own online web gallery (applies to photos) for their family members and friends for 1 month after the wedding.


Finished photos/videos

I do not provide unedited photos/video footage. The selection of wedding photographs/video shots is done by the photographer/ videographer.

The selection of shots for the creation of music videos/advertising videos is chosen by the cameraman himself, unless otherwise agreed in advance at the client’s prior request.

The amount of photos submitted (digital or printed) and the length of the wedding clip is determined by the photographer/ videographer.