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You only get to go to prom once in your life. You want to remember him. Want to show cool pictures at the family party when your kids have kids….

You want a great photographer and videographer at your event!

Photographer and videographer

Want a great video to flash in front of your friends? You throw in the insta pics, you put a cool clip in the reels. This video will be about you and your class. It’s gonna be different than all the other graduation videos. Because you’re not like the other classes either, are you?

We offer both in one. Photos and video. We are professionals and we work as a team.


When you and your class go wild at the prom, you don’t want to worry about anything. You just want to have fun. And at the same time take a piece of that fun back to your life at least in video and photos. We can do that. We’ll be everywhere and you won’t even know we’re here. We will capture all the essentials while you enjoy your special day.

Prom’s gonna be one big show. That’s how you want to remember him. That’s how you want to talk about him years later, when the memories start to fade. You don’t want to have a bland video on a disc that you play once. You want one that you’ll enjoy over and over again. Because it will be as great as the ball itself.

Your class is the only one in the world. No one else is like you. So why should you have a video that’s like all the others? Check out my video productionevery clip I make is different. Because the people I shoot are unique.

photographer | videographer

Why are we


and I’ll make you a video.

Check out my work
And this is Ales, who will take your picture.

Check out Ales’ photos
We are a harmonious team of professionals. But then again, it wasn’t that long ago that we were enjoying our own prom.

We can film, shoot, edit photos and edit videos so that you can see yourself in them. Make it about you. To show what a great class you are.

You’ll get the best quality video and photos. But we also understand that you want to throw them up on social media and not overwhelm the entire house’s internet while uploading. We’ll also deliver them to you in a format suitable for networks.

how to get you

shall we order?

  1. Fill in the enquiry form. Don’t forget to mention the date of the ball.
  2. I’ll contact you if we’re free on that date and book the date.
  3. We’ll have an online call or a phone call to work out the details.
  4. We’re coming to the prom. We’ll film, take pictures.

We’ll supply you with a video and photos.

What we offer

We’ll be at the ball as long as we agree.
We capture all the important moments in photos and videos.
I will supply you with a longer video (about 10 minutes) and then one short clip.
We can also arrange to make a pre-graduation video that will be projected on a screen.
We will supply photos from the ball with all the important moments.
We’ll lend you a photo booth.
We also have the possibility to provide a great

band for the ball

How much does it cost?

The total price depends on how long you want us there and what extra services you want. The price starts at 28.000 CZK for the photo + video package.

In case you are interested in Zuzka’s work, she can also come to the ball as a photographer (but at the moment she only takes photos and does not film).

We charge 10 CZK/km for transport outside Liberec.
You can buy a photo booth rental (you choose and print the photos on the spot) – rental 3.000 CZK + payment for each photo
We will also lend you a party photo booth with instax and props (for your graduation album) – price 2.800 CZK + refills

What happens when you order us?

  1. Fill in the enquiry form. Don’t forget to mention the date of the ball.
    2. I will contact you if we are free on that date and book the date3.
  2. We’ll have an online call or a phone call to work out the details.
  3. We’re coming to the prom. We’ll film, take pictures.

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