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I create photographs and videos with an emphasis on originality, creativity and artistic overlap. I am always looking for new ways and I am tempted to pursue even the most challenging ideas. I will give your visions colour and shape. I want to bring back a sense of creativity and aesthetics to the world, to inspire people not to be afraid of untrodden paths.

What I offer

I understand the power of a well executed original photograph that can give a client a sense of uniqueness and self-worth, but also convey powerful ideas and embed itself in the subconscious.


I’ll take pictures that your customers will remember. I put a piece of art in every picture and most importantly a piece of you, your company, your philosophy. It doesn’t matter if you sell great coffee or practical cutlery. If you design clothes or fashion accessories.

I’m moving with the times. That’s why I also offer the possibility to create original visuals through artificial intelligence.

I will also add promotional videos to your photos, create reels or a short trailer for your product. I will edit the format so that you can throw it on the web or socks.

My photo created by Artificial Intelligence

My photo

My photo

My photo


I honor tradition. I shoot real emotions in a reportage style. This is also part of my job as a wedding photographer. I take pictures of the moments and the most important moments so that you don’t even notice me during the wedding day.

wedding stories

Wondering what a full wedding day shoot looks likefrom me? Take a look at samples from selected weddings and get inspired.



I will capture your most important moments in life in an original and new way. Step towards the extraordinary, turn your wedding into an extraordinary work of art.

My photos made it to the very final of the World Photography Cup competition among the top 10 best wedding photos. At the same time also among the top 20 at the International Wedding Professional Photographers.

If you already have a photographer lined up, I’m here to create a wedding video that will make me cry.


I understand the power of a well executed original photograph that can give a client a sense of uniqueness and self-worth, but also convey powerful ideas and embed itself in the subconscious.

my mission

“Every assignment is an opportunity to create something extraordinary. Only with a great deal of creativity can we all excel in today’s loud and crowded world.”

Zuzana Fajmonova

  • I offer photography services and video production.
  • In addition, I will be happy to help you realize any visual for your project (I have experience with many different projects, from the initial idea, planning to the actual production)
  • I help clients communicate their vision, find self-worth through original work or just enjoy their project.
  • I’m always looking for other ways.

I try to understand each client and make the photo shoot a beautiful experience for everyone. I am always working on myself, improving technically and never stop looking for inspiration.


“Zuzka is a very talented photographer. She approaches photography in a creative way, which allows her to achieve novel and interesting shots. She is communicative and can create an informal atmosphere to make her photography look natural. She is constantly educating herself on the history of photography, photography theory and current trends. She is not tired of mere routine work and looks for ways to achieve original results in every photography session. With the same approach she also creates videos”.

Roman Machek


“I am always very happy when people like my work. And even more so when my photographs reach somewhere farther, even across the border… “.

Creating the visual for Prague Photo Festival – 2023
Single image award – FEP 2023 European advertising and commercial merit award
Single image award – FEP 2023 European advertising and commercial distincition award
The photograph Baloons from the Pop-art set became the opening photo on the poster of the photography exhibition in Munich – Viele Geschichter (24/7-14/10)


“I used my ability to understand clients and gain their trust. I’ve found great clients who have given me complete freedom, they wanted unusual photos and they are thrilled with the result.”

Perfect craftsmanship is essential.
Perfectly done work is a standard I never lower.

I was looking for a wedding photographer who is not one of those classic wedding photographers who just snap. Zuzka was recommended to me as a non-traditional wedding photographer. I didn’t hesitate to make an appointment right away. Zuzka’s work is really unique, she approaches each couple and person individually and friendly.
Thank you for the beautiful unconventional wedding photos! I recommend Zuzka to all future brides who are looking for a photographer who will give their wedding photos a new dimension ❤️.

Christine and David

wedding photography

“Original photos, novel ideas, work with light. Zuzka is very creative, her handwriting is evident in her photos, they are at the same time personal and natural. The atmosphere during the shoot is relaxed and casual, which helps even the most shy people relax and enjoy themselves. I recommend to let Zuzka free hand, the result will be worth it ;)) Looking forward to the next time!”

Pavlína Sluková

family photo shoot

“We are very happy with Zuzka as our wedding photographer. She is very professional and human at the same time. Its strength is the play with light and shadows. She made great use of the building space for the shoot. I really appreciated the fact that she was not conspicuous at the wedding ceremony, did not force us to take photos in fancy poses and fit in perfectly with the other guests. We recommend Zuzka to everyone who wants original and beautiful photos from the wedding:).”

Erika Pap

wedding photography

“I chose Zuzka randomly on the internet based on photos and reviews. At that time, her exhibition was taking place in Liberec, so another plus why I approached her for the photo shoot. Zuzka is nice, charismatic, professional. She was able to take away the initial nervousness and the photo shoot became fun. And the result are beautiful photos that not only I was thrilled with, but also my husband, for whom I had them as a gift.”

Monika Leiblová

boudoir, female portrait

“Zuzana is a charismatic, cheerful and imaginative personality who finds unusual opportunities and compositions to capture the subjects in front of her lens. In her free work, or wedding reportage, or portraits, there are very impressive artistic solutions and interesting use of light, whether natural or artificial, arranged. Zuzana’s authorial contribution thus intensifies the emotional experience of the viewer and adds an often surprising, added artistic value to the reports of important life events. I had the opportunity to observe Zuzana at work and it was very inspiring for me to see how easily and effortlessly she uses the elements and qualities of the environment to take compelling photographs. In addition, her communication with the models she photographs is fun, pleasant, non-violent and can put even those who are not usually comfortable in front of the lens at ease. I am happy to recommend Zuzana.”

Tomas Bonhard

student of photography, workshop participant

Let’s create something together

I have lots of ideas and I’m looking forward to your project!