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Nowhere else can a photographer find so much real intense emotion in one place and on one day as at a wedding. Capturing emotion, real emotion, is one of the most challenging disciplines in art, and when you succeed, you create a masterpiece. If you fail, it comes out kitsch. When it succeeds, it sends chills down the spine of even the toughest of tough guys. If you don’t, you’ll fall into oblivion. That’s why emotions are a challenge. And I am not one of those who would back down from challenges.

How I’m doing, judge for yourself. Some of the photos make ants run up and down my back. Because I remember every client.

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At every wedding I look for unusual locations, lighting and poses so that your portraits are original with creative ideas and above all special, just like your wedding day. The visual aspect of photographs is important to me. Dramatic and abstract composition, strong colours, high contrast. I look for interesting lighting conditions in the bright sunlight of the day, in the middle of unusual corners, in the dark and at sunset, in the rain and in the fog. Alternatively, I can create the light according to my own ideas. This is my characteristic personal style and the way I work.

“I will capture your life moments in an original and new way. There is a piece of art and creative overlap in each of my photographs.”

I take great care in editing your photographs. I carefully sift through all the shots taken and select only the top best ones that best capture your wedding day. I prefer quality over quantity. I take some photos deliberately, knowing what style I will use to edit them. Sometimes it can take me up to an hour to edit one photo if it’s an artistic portrait. I don’t use any presets to speed up editing. That’s because I approach every wedding individually. I edit each one so that the colors best suit the colors of the wedding. I don’t want all the weddings I take photographs to look like a copier with an orange filter.

And at the end I also retouch every single photo. In addition to the reportage photos from your wedding, I want you to have photographs that you will proudly hang on the wall, because they will excel and have artistic value for you.

“We are very happy with Zuzka as our wedding photographer. She is very professional and human at the same time. Its strength is the play with light and shadows. She made great use of all the spaces for the shoot. I really appreciated the fact that she was not conspicuous at the wedding ceremony, did not force us to take photos in fancy poses and fit in perfectly with the other guests. We recommend Zuzka to everyone who wants original and beautiful photos from their wedding.”

Erika & Simeon

Emotions, moments and



But at the same time, you won’t even notice me during the wedding day. I walk among the guests, casually chatting with them so that I fit in like a long-time friend. That’s when I shoot reportage and natural snapshots. Let’s take a walk together and take some natural snapshots. I don’t want people to look into the lens and smile on command. Instead, we talk like old acquaintances, and it always comes by itself.

“We were looking for someone who would shoot our wedding unobtrusively, in a casual way, capturing moments and emotions. What we expected, we got. Zuzka was perfectly involved in our wedding day, she fulfilled all the agreed conditions and the result exceeded expectations and not only ours.”


Wedding videographer



I don’t just take pictures for a living. The video is just one step off. I also shoot wedding videos, music videos a promotional videos. Video is a bit more of a challenge than photography. You can work not only with images, but also with music and spoken word. Emotional music will bring a tingle to your back even in a boring product video. But those are cheap ants. I don’t care about them. They run, they disappear and nobody remembers them. They won’t stay with you. In art we distinguish between beauty and attractiveness. Between impressiveness and pathos.

You usually don’t notice me during the wedding day. I walk among the guests, casually chatting with them so that I fit in like a long-time friend. That’s when I shoot reportage and natural snapshots. However, as soon as I have the opportunity, I try to find unconventional locations, lighting and poses so that your wedding shots are original with creative ideas.

Ilona & Martin

“I would like to praise and recommend Zuzka, a videographer from Liberec, who created this beautiful memory in the form of a video. We’re so grateful to her, it’s wonderful. Zuzka is really a pro at her job, she does her job with her heart, she has a lot of experience with photography and many original ideas for shots and photos. She came to the wedding in advance to be able to film everything around her, to devote herself fully to us and to capture everything we wanted . ATYou will certainly be as satisfied and moved as we are. Thank you

Ilona & Martin

Marika & Vojta

“Dear Zuzka, thank you very much for the beautiful wedding video. I will keep playing it in good times and bad, in health and in sickness. It never ceases to amaze me how many beautiful details you managed to capture there. Working with you was absolutely amazing, when I say professional I mean everything, meeting the delivery date, the price, creating a friendly atmosphere. Just amazing. You make every wedding a wonderful story. If you want to have a romantic, extraordinary, enchanting memory of your beautiful day, I definitely recommend Zuzka.”

Marika & Vojta

“Zuzka is a very likable, charismatic and kind personality who won us over with her professional approach, good mood and imaginativeness. She made a wedding film at our wedding, which we love to watch and remember the beautiful moments of our day. It captured all the important and powerful moments from the wedding, but also from our everyday life. I am very happy that I accidentally bumped into Zuzka and we have a beautiful, everlasting memory. We can only recommend Zuzka!”

Denisa & Lukas

Love story

Pre-wedding video

Love Story video is very popular abroad. You can use it as an original wedding invitation or have a beautiful memory of the two of you. Filming takes about 3 hours at your chosen location (at your home, outdoors). We will consult the style of the story together according to your wishes, or I will recommend you some tips. In the video, you will receive a short film with the author’s song and spoken word (for example, you can read your wedding vow).

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