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“Susan is a top photographer with an excellent eye for detail and a human approach. She knows how to capture intense moments, and her work is professional. Photography and video are essential products that will be preserved for many years, thanks to her skill. A bet on Zuzana is not only a sure bet, but, more importantly, with her, you win satisfaction when you first see the finished work of art. I recommend it and will gladly use it again. Very satisfied with the result.”

Claire & Martin

Susan is a very talented photographer. She approaches photography creatively, which allows her to achieve novel and interesting shots. She is communicative and can create an informal atmosphere to make her photography look natural. She is constantly educating herself on the history of photography, photography theory, and current trends. She is not tired of routine work and seeks ways to achieve actual results in every photography session. With the same approach, she also creates videos.”

Anne & Thomas

Zuzana Fajmonová

Say no to traditional

I believe that each of us is unique. I love to create art from seemingly mundane moments, capturing life’s most cherished memories in a fresh and original way. It is important to me to continually train myself in art and lighting to become better and better. There are countless ways to create art from “nothing” when you are prepared. That’s why I study diligently, work on my own artworks, and find inspiration in fashion and commercial photography, films, and the old masters. My mission is to create epic portraits, whether in the dark, rain, or at sunset.

You are unique, so you deserve uniqueness.

I want to see genuine emotions on the bride and groom’s faces, a tear streaming down the father’s cheek, and a smile sweeping across the mother’s face. These real moments are what I love. In addition to capturing these authentic moments, I also enjoy creating artistic portraits that are unique and non-traditional.

Embark on a journey toward uniqueness and transform your wedding into an extraordinary masterpiece of art.


You are unique, so you deserve uniqueness. Relish the precious moments of your life, captured in a unique and novel way. As a wedding photographer, I immerse myself in the artistry of creative shots, transforming the process into an enchanting experience for all. The results are always breathtaking, a testament to the beauty and depth of your love story. 


I cherish traditions. I capture true emotions in a documentary style, photographing the most significant moments so subtly that you won’t even notice my presence on your wedding day. My wedding portfolio presents clients with a blend of vibrant color and timeless black-and-white images, each telling its own poetic story.


How to preserve the most beautiful moments of your wedding day? A wedding film lets you relive the entire day over and over again. Shed tears at the most touching moments, soak in the atmosphere, and perhaps even fall in love all over again. Each viewing brings back the magic, making every memory as vivid as the day it happened.


1st place at the World Photography Cup 2024 (wedding documentary, USA).
Representation of the Czech team in the WPC in the wedding portrait category.
World TOP 20 in the ISPW world wedding photography competition.
International awards for fine art portraiture in 2020 competitions.
Published in FotoVideo, Czechoslovak Photography, Mladá Fronta Dnes and Digital Photography magazines.

Cheerful group shots

Let´s have fun!

I draw inspiration from the great masters of the past, recreating famous artworks or crafting unique compositions with a touch of whimsy. In just a few minutes, I capture these moments, ensuring the couple’s group photos are a delightful experience for all their friends and family, filled with joy and laughter.

wedding stories

Anne & Thomas

Michele & Ondra

Simeon & Erika

Monica & Kamil

Latest Greek Wedding: Nicole & Jan

Beautiful Czech-Greek wedding at the Karlova Koruna castle. I highly recommend this place! If you are planning a royal wedding, this place is perfect. There are so many unique places where to take photos. See more for your wedding inspiration.

your love stories


Every couple is distinct; every relationship is built on different foundations. So why should your photos look like everyone else´s? I will capture your emotions; my photos are unique. Because that is the challenge, you are the challenge. I work hard to provide uncommon images to you. I love creating portraits in any locality. I can work in light, darkness, or even rain.

Nevěsta s ženichem
love story

Love Story is a pre-wedding photoshoot or short pre-wedding film. You can use it as a unique wedding invitation or simply as a beautiful memory of the two of you. The shoot takes about 3 hours at a location of your choice (at your home or outdoors). We will discuss the style of the story together, or I can recommend some ideas.


Your surprise proposal may be a challenging task. How do you want the photos to look and feel? I am full of ideas and will help you to plan the perfect location. Book your marriage proposal photographer in Prague and nearby. As a surprise proposal photographer, I’d love to take your marriage proposal pictures. I can also show you different ways you can proposes

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