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The video preserves your most beautiful memories of the wedding day much better than the photos themselves. Emotions are alive and unrepeatable . You can still keep back in your memories while watching a video. The videos have an amazing atmosphere that accompanies your entire wedding day. I like to listen to all your ideas and adapt the shooting to your individual needs . I will be happy to discuss all the details in a personal meeting with you.


I also like to edit a short trailer for your wedding video ;-).


Love Story video is very popular abroad. You can use it as an original wedding invitation or have a beautiful memory of the two of you. Filming takes about 3 hours at your chosen location (at your home, outdoors). We will consult the style of the story together according to your wishes, or I will recommend you some tips. In the video, you will receive a short film with the author’s song and spoken word (for example, you can read your wedding vow).

What are the shots outside of the wedding day?

It will simply enrich your wedding movie . It creates a unique story and atmosphere. Among other things, if we are going to shoot classic couple shots in a wedding outfit , we no longer have to shoot them during the wedding . This will save you time during the wedding day and you can fully dedicate yourself to your guests. However, if you choose the lifestyle shot, you will have a unique film about the two of you . We will go for a walk together to places you like to go together, we can be at your home and capture the natural moments of the two of you, or you can plant your story in another environment that you like to visit (for example, you have a common hobby, etc.). It’s up to you and I’ll be happy to help you with that.

The couple’s shooting takes place outside the wedding day . The big advantage is the possibility to choose any location, date according to favorable weather and ideal light. You can enjoy your wedding day in peace and not deal with a busy schedule. I will be happy to fulfill any of your ideas. The advantage is also that you already have a wedding dress, suit, jewelry. Before the wedding, you can use the photo shoot as a make-up and hairstyle test. You can use the video as a wedding invitation for your guests.

Shooting takes about 3-4 hours at your chosen location. We will consult the style of the story together according to your wishes, or I will recommend you some tips. In the event of a video, you will receive a short film with the spoken word (for example, you can read your wedding vow) of about 3-5 minutes.

The film may include:
– shots of you two in lifestyle style (at home, outside on a walk, natural moments)
– or the two of you in a wedding outfit


What can we find in a wedding movie?

Filming a wedding is telling a story. Just like with the film, I have a preliminary script ready and I’m shooting so that the video leaves emotions in you. I choose the best moments of the wedding day and compose them into a short film. It takes about 5-10 minutes. It is an ideal length that you will be happy to look at again and again and it will also fit the most important thing. I use more cameras, additional lights and also microphones when shooting. That’s why my films contain quality spoken word, which will give your film an authentic atmosphere. For the underdrawing of the shots, I choose from the author’s songs that best capture the atmosphere of your wedding. All songs are charged, so your video includes copyright. Of course, my videos include an original edit, no one wants the same video as everyone else ;-). And so is the post-process, which includes colorgrading (color and light editing of the video), which underlines its visual form. Such a process takes twice as long as the video itself.

We don’t want to shoot for long.

That’s perfectly fine. You have a wedding once in your life and your friends and family have come to you from afar to enjoy the wedding day with you. You can either take the opportunity to shoot outside the wedding day or we can simply agree on when it will be ideal to get lost for a while during the wedding. I usually divide it into several short time periods so that you don’t miss it for a long time. For example, we will shoot something before / after the ceremony and then in the evening when the soft light is beautiful. Sometimes it happens that the light is perfect at the moment, and if you want, we can “run” together, even for just a few minutes.

We don’t like being in front of the camera.

Don’t worry, nobody likes it. We will simply talk together during the filming. You will see that in the presence of your other half you will relax, you will not even know how. We walk together and capture natural moments. I never want people to look in the lens and smile at command. Instead, we talk like old acquaintances, and it always comes by itself.

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How long does it take to make a wedding video?

As I wrote above, this is a story that is already formed in the creator’s mind and ends with a postprocess in the PC. I’ll meet with you before filming and discuss all the details about your wedding and schedule. On the day of the wedding, I arrive at the place earlier so that I can plan all the filming. Thanks to our meeting, I already have a preliminary idea of what a wedding film might look like. The whole process is just beginning with the actual shooting on the wedding day. You need to find the perfect combination of songs, go through all the shots over and over again and start composing the story in the editing room. Once the rough cut is done, they will also start working with effects, inscriptions, spoken word, music, and most importantly, I will let the whole idea sit for a while. This system guarantees the quality of the output, which also applies to photography. This is followed by tuning the cut and finally colograding. Each individual shot is adjusted separately. Lights, shadows, color tones. Finally, the details are fine-tuned and it’s done! So imagine two months of work under it all.

What about payment?

In order to be able to book your wedding date, you will need to sign a booking agreement together, in which you will find all the written terms. You will pay a deposit of 30% of the total amount. You will pay the rest of the price on the day of the wedding or after the wedding.

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