My family

In the mornings, I love listening to classical music and jazz, drawing inspiration from painting and the old masters. I am fond of black-and-white photography and Baroque chiaroscuro, while also enjoying working with color and abstract compositions. I delight in telling stories through photography and film and am fascinated by surrealist images.

Besides weddings, I also focus on my own creative projects. In my free time, I enjoy exercising, running, painting, learning languages, and spending time with my family. My greatest passion is my work. If needed, I speak fluent Italian and English, and have a basic knowledge of German.

Zuzana Fajmonová

Say no to traditional

Hi, I am Susan and I come from Czech Republic. I spent a significant part of my life in Italy, which greatly influenced my work and love for art. I have been photographing weddings for over 10 years, both here and abroad. I also engage in filming and am currently completing my studies at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. I’m also a mom of two boys, and my wonderful husband, a talented musician. He also plays with his band at weddings, especially in Germany and Prague. Additionally, he composes his own music.

I’m a photographer and videographer who sees each client as a unique being, who wants to understand each client and help them communicate their vision. I can improvise, adapt to conditions or use them to achieve extraordinary results. I like challenges, low light conditions and unexpected situations.

You are unique, so you deserve uniqueness

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