Denisa and Ivan

International wedding as it should be! Denisa and Ivan got married in Prague 6 at Divoká Šárka. They met while studying in Brno. When I talked to Ivan for the first time on the phone, I laughed that, as a true Moravian, he would definitely have a homemade plum brandy at the wedding. I didn’t know yet that Ivan was just his Czech nickname.

It was an absolutely unbelievable couple. Denisa was a beautiful redhead lady who perfectly matched for the Vietnamese wedding colors – red and green. The decoration was of course made from red lanterns. . I love traditions and there was something from each there. We could taste baked devilfish, Vietnamese noodles with lemon, but also Czech schnitzel. It was a great time.

It was a small family wedding, that’s what I like best. Mother wore a traditional Vietnamese red dress, sister cried the whole ceremony and was a great photo partner. Instax impressed her so much that she didn’t let him out of her hand all night :-D. . Ivan and Deniska were great and let me make creatively. They were for every joke and I’m so glad I could be at their wedding!