Elisabeth and Vasek

Wedding at mountain cottage

When Eliska and Vasek came to see me, I immediately started looking forward to their wedding. A beautiful young couple, a wedding in Janov nad Nisou, that is, not far from Liberec, at the Hájenka mountain cottage in Pekle, which is in the middle of the forest. The road ends here and the hiking trail begins. I quite admire the local people, how they can come up here in the winter.

The wedding at the cottage in nature was just for me. Natural daylight, wooden interior, small attic windows, old furniture and decent twilight. I just like that atmosphere.

I was quite entertained by my arrival in Janov, where there are several other cottages with a similar name. The owner of the lower cottage called In Hell sent me upwards, I was told to go as far as the Hell.

The wedding took place in a beautiful family atmosphere, this is my favorite. They are one of the most touching. . After all, almost everyone cries here, including me. But because nobody looks at me during the ceremony, nobody knows :-).

The wedding registrar had a wonderful sense of humor. He is said to be collecting selfies with newlyweds this year. I laughed a lot at that, it was really great.

At the end of the day, a completely original task for Eliška and Vašek took place, namely a cross-country ski race in one ski. I didn’t envy them their hat in that warm outside, but they did it incredibly fast!

I wish Eliška and Vašek only the best for their future life together! You were amazing, thanks a lot :-).


Because I respect the wishes of the newlyweds, you will not find common snapshots of the wedding day of guests and family in the gallery.