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Pop-art was created in 2022 as part of a thesis at the Institute of Creative Photography. It was undoubtedly one of my most successful sobors for 2022 and 2023. He has won a number of prestigious awards, and has gone abroad to Germany and Hungary. Posters with the photo “OMG”, which formed the visual for the Prague Photo Festival 2023, were hanging on the streets of Prague.

But how did this file come into being in the first place? What is the background of my work and what did it take to create these photographs?

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Zuzana Fajmonová (photographer, art director, photo Housewife)
David Fajmon (husband helped to look after the children, 2 and 4 years old at the time)
Diana Vienna (friend, photo Baloons)
Nikola Trč Jakoby (friend, photo Pop)
Jennifer Orrú (friend, photo OMG)
Eva Dvořáková (friend, photo Shopping)
Klára Vlčková (model, photo Coca Cola)



How did this series come about?

Every project of mine is preceded by quite a complex preparation and planning. I have written down for you in a few points how I managed to put such a project together.

Before I start planning, I need a good idea. And this is, of course, the most difficult part. But it’s also the most challenging and fun for me. I like complex things and the more complex my idea is, the more I enjoy it.

With this set I loosely followed up on my treatment of the “History of Art”. It is a long-term project where I am inspired by individual artistic periods in the history of art. The file that preceded this one is called Abstraction.

I wanted to cross the line from minimalism and start working more with colour and props. The Pop Art era has been on my mind for a long time.


So I took this series of photos in my living room. I painted the background with my own painter’s paint, my friends used black body paint (to make the other colors stand out, there’s no other meaning to it), and I used props that I had on hand or that my friends brought. I also created the hairstyles myself. For example, the haircut for the Shopping photo took almost 2 hours! Who would also wind their hair on a polystyrene circle from Bauhaus. Similarly, it took me a few hours to glue the circle-shaped office adhesives on our living room wall :-).


A moodboard is actually a visual plan of what you’re going to shoot. Today I can’t even go on a small photo shoot without it. Thanks to it, I not only know what I’m going to shoot, but I also know how the whole scene will look, how I’m going to light it, what poses I want the model to strike, I know the color scheme, the space, what to bring and other necessary information.

I create Moodboard mainly as a kind of brainstorming. I save ideas for a long time and when the time is right, I start pulling them out and stacking them side by side. I usually use Pinterest or Instagram as a source of inspiration. I put the photos side by side and in the end I know exactly what the final project will look like.

style of work

For a larger shoot, a team of people is really an indispensable item. However, this ensemble was created almost alone. First of all, there was only one model, secondly I took the photos in my living room with my kids and my husband present. Of course, the constant presence of children’s toys (which we had to step over) and the plugs themselves, who were either intrigued by my painting the models black or whatever else, did not make the shoot any easier. Fortunately, when you put body paint in the kids’ hands, they’re quite easily entertained. Except you can’t really wash black paint off a white wall.


Before I started working on the sketches for the final photographs, I started studying pop art. I went through art history books on the most important artists, watched some films (e.g. a documentary on Andy Warhol). I wrote down the most important signs, objects, colours, symbols. In the end, I combined all this with the modern concept of advertising and fashion photography (which I enjoy most of all) and this set was created.

complete backstage video!


They chose me!

Zuzana Fajmon, a student of the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, participated in the visual of PRAGUE PHOTO 2023 with her photography .



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