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The Queen

How did I shoot the fashion series “Queen of Hearts”? I really enjoyed working on this project. I’ve assembled a great team of people and I’m so happy to have been able to work with such talented artists.

Kateřina Kulková @_katerinakulkova_ found inspiration for her dress at Salvation Mountain. The collection started to remind her of the Queen of Hearts and then I moved away from that.

The whole set is called Queen of Hearts and the main inspiration for me is the fantasy fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. Thanks to this project, at least I could sit on the couch with my kids and watch this fairy tale two days in a row, both episodes.

I created a 16-page moodboard for the whole project, I spent a long time with the girls on hair and make-up. Thank you both so much for your patience as my ideas are becoming more and more challenging.

Thanks @eliska_hauserova I finally had the opportunity to take pictures at her place and connect the two worlds. The bar is inspired by movies. And where else to place the fairy tale character?


Kateřina Kulková (fashion designer)
Veronika Holcova (make-up)
Natálie Kiliánová (hair stylist)
Eliška Hauserová (provision of premises – bar Bylo Nebylo)
Eliška Šterbová (model)
Eskimo Bohemia (agency)
Zuzana Fajmon (photographer, art director)

The film treatment was an inspiration for me both in terms of the lighting and colouring used, as well as the make-up and hairstyle. However, I was only inspired because I didn’t want the same look with such a bold dress.



How did this series come about?

Every project of mine is preceded by quite a complex preparation and planning. I have written down for you in a few points how I managed to put such a project together.

Before I start planning, I need a good idea. And this is, of course, the most difficult part. But thanks to fashion designer Kačka from the University of Ústí nad Labem, I was almost served. She made a series of dresses that are reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. She sent me her yearbook annotation to the file, which I then checked out. I met Kačka by chance at Czech Design Week, where I was very interested in her extravagant work, which is my own.


A moodboard is actually a visual plan of what you’re going to shoot. Today I can’t even go on a small photo shoot without it. Thanks to it, I not only know what I’m going to shoot, but I also know how the whole scene will look, how I’m going to light it, what poses I want the model to strike, I know the color scheme, the space, what to bring and other necessary information.

I create Moodboard mainly as a kind of brainstorming. I save ideas for a long time and when the time is right, I start pulling them out and stacking them side by side. I usually use Pinterest or Instagram as a source of inspiration. I put the photos side by side and in the end I know exactly what the final project will look like. The moodboard for this project was a full 16 pages!


For a larger shoot, a team of people is really an indispensable item. Until recently, I did everything myself. Yes, it can be done, but eventually you just can’t do enough. You don’t strike a pose, you don’t hold your own light, you don’t do your makeup as perfect as a pro. Start looking in your neighborhood. I often work with Mark and Tom. They are my former classmates from the Liberec School of Photography.


I decided to shoot this series of photos in the Bylo Nebylo art bar in Liberec, which is inspired by movies and TV shows. So where else to photograph a fairytale character, materialized from the cocktail of the same name?


They wrote about me!

“Zuzka, as can be seen, is a great hope for the Czech fashion industry and we predict a promising future for her in photographic cooperation with companies that produce fashion or prepare the pages of fashion magazines.”



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