I will give your visions colour and shape


I create original, customized videos for those who want to be unique. My mission is to give people and brands a tool to communicate their vision to the world.

What I do

I want to understand each client and help them communicate their vision. I can improvise, adapt to conditions or use them to achieve extraordinary results. I understand the power of a well-executed original video that can give a client a sense of uniqueness and self-worth, but also convey powerful ideas and dig into the subconscious.

music videos

I have been making music videos and concert recordings for bands for over eight years for their presentation. As the wife of a musician, I am very close to music. I’ll create a script, storyboard, find actors, location, and put together a whole team to make a video exactly to your liking.

Fashion and advertising

Fashion and advertising are my heart’s desire. I love working with the model, in the studio and with daylight. I’m looking for interesting faces, I’ll come up with a location, I’ll create a moodboard that highlights the beauty and design of your brand. I work for beauty salons, fashion designers, make-up artists and other beauty professionals.

wedding film

I emphasize emotion and originality. I want your wedding video to be true to you, have a story, original visuals and most importantly, to move you every time, just like it did me when I created it. I create longer wedding videos, short reels and long wedding documentaries. I like to play with unconventional composition and editing.


Every video assignment is an opportunity to create something extraordinary. Only with a great deal of creativity can we all excel in today’s loud and crowded world. I want to inspire people to blaze new trails. I’ll make you a video of your high school graduation that you’ll love to watch years from now.

video from the event

I will record your event on one or more cameras. Whether it’s to film a conference, exhibition, corporate presentation, public or private event. I’ll edit a short reel and a long video. If necessary, I will assemble a larger team with which I will film the entire event.

Company presentations

I also produce commercial videos for companies of any type. I have experience in real estate, interior and exterior. I have worked for foreign companies (e.g. Dutch New Way Construction). I will make a product and presentation video and add photos if necessary.

more films

my mission

I want to give people and brands a tool to communicate their vision to the world. Give them courage and confidence and a great feeling about the projects and themselves. I want to create a world where people are not afraid to be different. A world in which people understand that truly original art has value – it gives a person a sense of uniqueness, self-worth and differentiates a brand from others on the market. A world that understands the value of originality and creativity, where people are not afraid to venture into untrodden paths.


  • My core values: Originality, creativity
  • What I want: To create something that lasts. Making my vision and my clients’ visions come true.
  • What drives me forward? The desire to overcome obstacles. I’m tempted to go against the tide and stretch the limits.

What am I most afraid of? Mediocrity and unoriginality, disrespect for a job well done.

latest projects

I am currently working on several different projects. One of them is my Creative Lighting for Photographers Workshop. Some of my photographs are currently exhibited in Munich, Germany.

how I work

– I offer photography and video production services.
– I help clients communicate their vision, find self-worth through original work or just enjoy their project and their beautiful photo or compelling video.
– I am always looking for different ways, I try to understand each client, I make the photo shoot a beautiful experience for everyone.
– I am always working on myself, improving technically and never stop looking for inspiration.

There are no limits to creativity.
Zuzka will outline what you can light with, what you can land with, she will give you some of her know how full of priceless ideas and you will have a lot of fun.

Tom Shreiber


I am always very happy when my work goes abroad or gets some kind of award on our soil. The music video Judge Time won 2nd place in the national round in the music video category of the Czech Vision Film Festival (2021). The music video “You Must Not Give Up ” has made it to the finals at the festival of the same name.
what they say about me

What do my customers want?

– To have something that no one else has, something unique and amazing.
– Differentiate yourself or your brand, stand out from the crowd.
– Present yourself or your brand in a new, fresh way.
– Communicate your vision to people with great and unusual visuals.

“How does it turn out when a landscape photographer goes to Zuzka Fajmon’s Creative Lighting photo workshop?
I’d say great. Zuzka opened the door to portrait photography wide open for me. Not only did I gain a lot of information, ideas and skills. I also had a lot of fun and enjoyed the photography.”
Pavla Bičíková

student of photography, workshop participant

“I chose Zuzka randomly on the internet based on photos and reviews. At that time, her exhibition was taking place in Liberec, so another plus why I approached her for the photo shoot. Zuzka is nice, charismatic, professional. She was able to take away the initial nervousness and the photo shoot became fun. And the result are beautiful photos that not only I was thrilled with, but also my husband, for whom I had them as a gift.”
Monika Leiblová

client, Portrait

“Original photos, novel ideas, work with light. Zuzka is very creative, her handwriting is evident in the photos, at the same time they are personal and natural. The atmosphere during the shoot is relaxed and casual, which helps even the most shy people to relax and enjoy themselves. I recommend letting Zuzka have a free hand, the result will be worth it ;))”
Pavla Sluková

client, Portrait

“Great approach, beautiful presentation video and photos. We look forward to further cooperation.”

client, Promotional video

Let’s create together
something unique

Email me to arrange an initial call, discuss your idea and I’ll give you concrete suggestions straight away.