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I want to capture your emotions in the photographs and what you really are. Natural emotions that are authentic. We are all different, so I take a completely individual approach to each of you. Family photography can also look natural. Without any artificial props, drawn backgrounds, or artificial poses. Absolutely simply, at your home or wherever you feel comfortable. I want to capture your emotions in the photographs and what you are, how you think, or your relationship with the people you take photos with.

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I want you to simply feel as comfortable as possible just like at home.

I don’t do fashionable “thematic” photography because nature is important to me. For me, “autumn photography” means going with you to a park full of leaves or somewhere where you and your family like to go, where you spend time together and record these moments for you. For me, “Christmas photography” means running out into the snow with you, taking pictures of your children building a snowman, decorating your home or baking Christmas cookies.

“I will capture your life moments naturally and in such a way that the photos show you exactly as you are. Real people with real emotions.”

Therefore, do not expect from me mass photography in “Christmas” or “autumn style”, where each person will have the same photo at home as the family that had been photographed half an hour before them. I prefer to spend more time with you, taking the time to find the original location for the shoot that suits you and your family best.

Write to me and I’ll be happy to hear what your idea is.

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