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Why have a wedding videographer?

People often ask why the cameraman is “so expensive”. Recently, the popularity of wedding videos has been growing a lot. All newlyweds long to have their wedding day recorded and in the form of a video. Compared to photographs, video is more vivid, it can capture all the emotions, atmosphere and is more dynamic. You can listen again and again to grandma’s blessing, dads’ speeches at the wedding reception and the wishes of the bridesmaids.

If you’re thinking of investing in a wedding video, I highly recommend it! A professional videographer can select from the footage to make the final video packed with emotion. Before the wedding, he studies the schedule carefully so that he knows when and where to be so that he doesn’t miss anything. He arrives at the wedding site much earlier than everyone else to get an idea of where and what he will be shooting.


One of the main factors in the decision is the price. Is a wedding videographer expensive? First of all, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a videographer. His work should definitely be the first thing you should be interested in. Some like classic wedding films that start with the wedding vows and shots of the already married couple and end with wedding party. Some prefer a more creative authorial approach, artistic and emotional shots that highlight the atmosphere of the wedding day in an authentic way. If after watching the video you feel that this is exactly what you would want too, there is nothing to think about


Of course, it always depends on your budget. A wedding video can be shot by a friend who is studying filmmaking, a budding enthusiast or a professional. The difference is not only in the form of the final video, but also in many other factors. The experienced cameraman is prompt and ready for all conditions. In case of any change (weather, schedule), it can adapt immediately. This means that it can cope with changes in light, camera settings and possible changes in location. People often mistakenly think that expensive equipment separates the pro from the amateur. The difference is mainly experience, education in the field, ability to communicate with people, organizational skills and the final product. Quality technique is a given with a professional, but your uncle next door simply won’t make the same video with the same technique. Likewise, a professional backs up their data regularly and you can fully trust them not to let you down on your wedding day.


It’s all up to you and your agreement with the cameraman. You can have a short wedding clip, a longer wedding clip (usually from a full day shoot 12-14h), or a longer wedding documentary, the length of which also depends on how long the videographer will be with you at the wedding and what you want to capture in the video (it can be 30 minutes or an hour long, for example). Both formats will capture your entire wedding day, except that in the wedding documentary you can have, for example, the entire speech of dad at the wedding reception. Be sure to invite a videographer already for the wedding preparations. These shots will perfectly enrich the wedding video. Similarly, some wedding videographers also offer the option of filming before or after the wedding. Why should you do it? Your wedding video will take on a whole new dimension. You can shoot in your home, in places you like to go, create a script to your liking. It’s about a pre-wedding love story, as they like to call it abroad. You can also provide the videographer with footage from your childhood and believe me, by the end of the wedding film, everyone will be crying!


Many people mistakenly think that the videographer’s work ends when the wedding is shot. The price is based on a large number of factors such as experience, technique, education, editing, post-production, organization and any fees associated with the shoot. We videographers often encounter various negative reactions to a quote. That’s why I’d like to elaborate here on all the factors that go into the final price of a shoot:

10-12 hours of shooting on the wedding day
Journey to the wedding venue round trip (if you are travelling across the country, it may take one working day)
Arrival at the wedding venue by 1-2h earlier before the actual shooting is arranged
Preparation techniques 3h before the wedding
Equipment worth at least 300.000 CZK
(camera, backup 1-2 cameras, powerful PC for video editing, backup systems, lenses, memory cards, microphones, software, stabilizer, tripods and other necessary equipment) – professional videographer regularly upgrades his equipment, which wears out significantly during the work
Therefore, it is necessary to include depreciation of the equipment, regular servicing – count about 3% of the total price
Health and social insurance – 6.000 CZK/month
Income tax – 15%
Software license – 600 CZK/month
Licensed music – 2.000 CZK for one wedding video (without licensed music your video may be blocked online), price may vary depending on the number of songs and selected authors
Insurance of technology
Company vehicle (depreciation, tax, compulsory liability) – 4.000 CZK/month
Presentation at trade fairs, marketing, website, paid advertising, registration with wedding agencies and professional associations – 5.000 CZK/month
Education – every professional regularly learns at workshops, art school, participates in training – 15-20.000 CZK/year
Experience, experience (hundreds of hours spent filming, editing, studying) – lots of hours of work that unfortunately few people see
Communication with clients (emails, creating quotes, pre-wedding meetings)

If we add it all up, the price for a quality wedding video from a professional is atleast 20 thousand CZK. The more experienced the videographer, the higher the price will be. Of course, there are many students or beginner videographers who will shoot your wedding for 10 thousand or less. However, you have to take into account the risk of an uncertain result, the possibility of not capturing important moments or, in the worst case, losing the footage from the wedding and never seeing it.


What clients say

Zuzana is professional and a very nice person. She casually joins the wedding party, her positive spirit will be appreciated by every nervous bride. The result is a completely natural, professional video that exceeded my expectations while meeting all my requirements for its processing and content.


Zuzana is professional and a very nice person. She casually joins the wedding party, her positive spirit will be appreciated by every nervous bride. The result is a completely natural, professional video that exceeded my expectations while meeting all my requirements for its processing and content.


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