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What music to choose for the arrival of the bride or groom?

Today’s article is dedicated to music accompaniment for the wedding, as it is an integral part of the wedding day. The background music is just as important as the choice of flowers and decorations, the colour combination or even the cake itself. Music can support and enhance the emotions of the bride, groom and wedding guests in a completely unobtrusive way.

All the guests eagerly await the arrival of the bride and groom. Each of the future newlyweds can have their own song that best highlights their personality, taste or style. They can choose between live music (which I personally recommend) and recorded music. Live music will give you a unique atmosphere. It can be violin, harp, piano or guitar.

Selection of songs is really wide. Lately I’ve been hearing songs like Hallelujah, Falling In Love, Ave Maria, Comptine D`Un Autre Été, Thousand Years, River Flows In You, All You Need Is Love, Fields Of Gold, Dream A Little Dream and many more. The list can be really long. For the happy grooms, the choice of La Bamba, which the groom chose for his arrival at one of the weddings I photographed, may be of interest.

Video samples of music for the ceremony

If you still don’t know what to do, you can watch some video samples I prepared for you. Musical accompaniment for your wedding ceremony my husband (in the video) will be happy to provide you with guitar playing or accompaniment with piano or violin. For more information, please contact him directly (

If even after these video samples you haven’t chosen yours, here are a few other types at wedding songs, that may also inspire you

What clients say

“We didn’t want to amateurishly play music from a Spotify speaker at such an important moment as a wedding ceremony. I found David and his guitar playing fit perfectly into our wedding concept. Thank you for the wonderful music and great communication, we recommend him with all ten.”


“We definitely recommend cooperation with Mr Fajmon. He is very helpful, he can learn any song and communication with him is absolutely smooth. Beautiful guitar tones crowned our wedding ceremony. Thank you very much again!”


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