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Still don’t know what to do with light in photography? Are you confused about the settings, avoiding midday sun, flashes, long hours or darkness? I’ll teach you how to deal with all this. I will show you how you can see the light or make it where you need it. The course is suitable for everyone. Beginners and more advanced photographers looking for inspiration.

When and where

10 September 2023
Liberec, Švermova 268

limited number of places

Remaining vacancies: 3

When do we start

Start at 9h
We’ll be taking pictures until tonight
Estimated end at 19h

What you will learn in the course

Thanks to the limited number of participants, you will have a really great time. You can enjoy the theory, but most importantly the practice and I will answer all your questions.

Creative lighting

Have you ever wondered what you can create with light? I’ll show you what you can use to light your portraits. We will learn various tricks and, most importantly, how to cope in all lighting conditions. We can paint with light, but we can also use it to create darkness and take completely original portraits.

Use props and gadgets

When you want to take a creative photo, you have to step out of your comfort zone. I will teach you how to use props, color filters, anything we have on hand that will help us take your photo to the next level.

Glow in the dark

We’ll show you how you can easily use the dark for a creative portrait. Either by means of continuous light or flashes.

Use lightning

Lightning is not the bogeyman it seems. All you need for a great photo is the most basic equipment and I’ll show you how to use it in the studio and outdoors.

Noon sun

Forget about westerns, anyone can teach you how to shoot those. But how about using the midday sun to your advantage? At weddings I mainly look for the midday sun, it’s the best helper for dramatic lighting and original portraits.

Basics of lighting

Together we will look at the basics of lighting both in the studio and outdoors. We learn to see the light.

a portrait straight from the camera!

I don’t do montages or collages. All my photos are taken as you see them ;-). And that’s what I’m going to teach you. Create a photographed reality so that you can play with the colours or contrast on your computer.

you will learn to shine

you will learn to think creatively

you will learn to create

what is included in the price of the course?

full-day coaching

I’ll be available from morning till night to make sure we get as much done as possible!


Without a great model, there would be no photo shoot. The prize includes, of course, make-up, hairstyle and an original outfit by a local fashion designer.


You can’t take pictures on an empty stomach, everyone knows that. Refreshments, water and coffee will be available at the course.


When the course is over, I’d love to go over your photographed portraits with you.

price and reservation

The price of the course is 4.900 CZK.
Reservations at:, or by phone 722 710 887.
Limited number of places: maximum 5 participants.

previous courses

Zuzka is a very talented photographer. She approaches photography in a creative way, which allows her to achieve novel and interesting shots. She is communicative and can create an informal atmosphere to make her photography look natural. Zároneň is constantly educating himself in the history of photography, photography theory and current trends. She is tired of routine work and looks for ways to achieve original results in every photo shoot. They also create videos with the same approach.

Roman Machek

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what’s my story?

I am a 3rd year student at the Institute of Creative Photography and a graduate of the Distance Learning Photography at the Liberec School of Photography and Graphic Arts. I am inspired by contemporary fashion, advertising, foreign authors and art history. I create my own world through photography. In my long-term project, I portray the history of art. I always carefully plan each shoot in advance, creating detailed drawings and sketches. I make my own backgrounds, costumes, props and paint the bodies of my models. I love to experiment and am always looking for new photographic techniques. Besides photography, I also shoot music videos, commercials, wedding and experimental films. My biggest passion is fashion and advertising photography.

I have been teaching photography for three years now.

What you will need

  • Own camera and charged batteries
  • Bring a few photos of yourself, ideally printed
  • You can also bring photos that inspire you and you would like to learn how to take them
Other projects

You can see my work on the web:

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