Photographer / cameraman

I try to capture natural beauty and emotions in my photos, not artificial expressions and artificial poses. Therefore, don’t expect photos of the “cheese” and click type from me, where the result is a portfolio full of similar photos in the same place, where only the people photographed take turns. Like kitsch, I don’t like exaggerated post-processes and lack of creativity.

Therefore, I try to approach each one individually, to stimulate emotions in the person and then capture them in the camera. I agree with each client on a suitable place for taking photographs so that the style of photography suits them as much as possible and does not have the same photos as everyone else.

Therefore, I do not offer mass events such as “autumn or Christmas photography”, where families with children take turns in the same place for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, the result is photographs that I think lack the creativity and individualism that everyone deserves, because we are all different. I like to constantly invent new styles of photography and I draw inspiration from foreign photographers.