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Hanka and Natalia approached me with the need to shoot new presentation photos for their hairdressing salon in Liberec. They were redesigning the website and wanted a fresh new design, for which they needed original photography to differentiate themselves.

where the photos were taken

I chose the exterior for them. The photos were taken in front of the Liberec Spa Gallery and we also used the exceptional space of the old Liberec marketplace.


1 assistant
Hanka and Natalie


Pleasant presentation photos for the web, where the long-standing friendship of the hairdressers and professionalism stand out at the same time.
Props – combs, hair dryers.
Background – outside wall.

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Zuzka is a very talented photographer. She approaches photography in a creative way, which allows her to achieve novel and interesting shots. She is communicative and can create an informal atmosphere to make her photography look natural. Zároneň is constantly educating himself in the history of photography, photography theory and current trends. She is tired of routine work and looks for ways to achieve original results in every photo shoot. They also create videos with the same approach.

Roman Machek

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what’s my story?

I am a 3rd year student at the Institute of Creative Photography and a graduate of the Distance Learning Photography at the Liberec School of Photography and Graphic Arts. I am inspired by contemporary fashion, advertising, foreign authors and art history. I create my own world through photography. In my long-term project, I portray the history of art. I always carefully plan each shoot in advance, creating detailed drawings and sketches. I make my own backgrounds, costumes, props and paint the bodies of my models. I love to experiment and am always looking for new photographic techniques. Besides photography, I also shoot music videos, commercials, wedding and experimental films. My biggest passion is fashion and advertising photography.

I have been teaching photography for three years now.

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